I love ginger and use it a lot in recipes such as noodle soup and stir fry. It is also great boiled in water for a warming tea (add some honey to sweeten).

Ginger is available in most supermarkets and Asian food stores, where is is generally much cheaper than the big supermarket chains.

China is the usual country of origin – which is a long way away from Ireland, if you are concerned about your food miles.

Last year (2010) I planted some ginger root in a trough to see if it would grow – and it did!

The plant is a lovely deep green colour and the flower is a green bud with small white flowers. There was a slight ginger aroma from the plant – especially when you brush against it. I harvested the ginger root once the leaves died back – the picture below shows some of the result.

You can see the roots and the dead foliage from the rhizomes:

I would estimate that I got about three times as much ginger than I originally planted and it was deliciously fresh and aromatic.

This year I have planted more ginger (5th March 2011). Again, I’ll be growing it in a trough indoors:

I’ve used good organic compost and have given it a good soaking of rainwater. Watch this space!