Goji Berries

I decided to try to grow Goji Berries after reading danmac’s post on the forum in Garden Plans Ireland:

I used dried goji berries from the Organic Market in Milltown, Co. Kerry

Here are the steps so far!

Step 1: Soaking the goji berries

Step 2: Extracting the seeds

Step 3: Planting the goji berry seeds

Step 4: Sprouting seed

Step 1: Soaking the goji berries

The seeds are in the dried goji berries so to extract them more easily, I soaked them in some water

Step 2: Extracting the seeds

After about 15  minutes, I teased open the re-hydrated berries – it was a sticky business! I used a toothpick to pry the seeds away from the berry flesh.

The seeds are very small – here’s a picture of a dried goji berry and extracted seeds beside a 1 cent coin:

Step 3: Planting the goji berry seeds

I placed the seeds (on 23rd January 2011)  in some moist organic compost in two small trays – here’s a photo of one:

I then covered them with some sieved compost, sprayed them with rainwater and placed them on my window sill.

4. Sprouting seeds

On Day 14, the first seedlings appeared and they’ve been growing ever since.

Here is a photo of the seedlings on Day 20:

It’s important to turn the seedlings towards the sun so that they grow upright – the seedlings in the blue tray had not been turned for a couple of days, and so they are ‘bent over’ toward the sunlight.