This website is all about Fee’s garden – what she is growing and what new projects she is undertaking. Fee will be posting updates as soon as they are available and she will try to accompany them with photos – when she remembers to take them!

From Fee:

I have always had a keen interest in gardening and growing all things green and hope to share my experiences with you.

I currently live in a house in the beautiful county of Kerry in Ireland.

The house has a large sized garden, facing south-east. The garden is landscaped and because I’m renting, I cannot dig in the garden. As a result, I am growing most of my plants in pots/containers. This can produce some challenges but I’ve had some success to date!

I try to be organic as possible – buying organic seed, harvesting my own and using organic and homemade compost. I mostly grow edible things – veggies, herbs and edible flowers, although I can’t resist the odd ornamental for colour at the front of the house!

Thanks for viewing my site – I hope you enjoy reading my posts!