Saturday’s tasks

February 25, 2011 - 9:03 pm No Comments

I planted a few organic mange tout seeds a few weeks ago and they are ready to be transplanted now. I used seeds from the Organic Centre and some that I had harvested from plants that went to seed in 2009. I was surprised to see that my harvested seeds sprouted just as well!

Some have been planted out and are under cover – I’ll be planting the others out tomorrow. It’s mild enough weather at the moment but the risk of frost is still there.

My coriander seeds sprouted and have been munched this evening in a delicious homemade Asian (Kerry?) noodle soup – yum! So I’ll be planting these on an ongoing basis from now on. I used the culinary seeds from my local organic shop and they grew as well as seeds that you’d buy specifically for planting so I reckon I’ll be using these from now on as it should work out cheaper.

Also, the Asian basil (destined for more yummy Asian noodle soup!)  have sprouted so more seeds will be planted to ensure a continuous supply.

A nicely-spicy Hanabero chilli from my local Asian food market has some helathy-looking seeds so I’ll start these off too.

My sitting-room western-aspect window is serving as my greenhouse – all the plants seem to be quite happy growing there at the moment.

A busy day ahead …

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