Fee’s Garden – Launch!

February 13, 2011 - 7:12 pm No Comments

Well, today is the first official post of Fee’s Garden.

I’ve been working outside and tidying up the garden after the winter.

This involved lots of moving stuff around, a bit of weeding, sweeping and general house-keeping (garden-keeping?).

A few slugs lost their lives (squash!) and a fair few worms were re-homed in compost.

I mixed some of the well-rotted compost from the compost bin with some soil and now my pots are ready to be planted!

All is looking a bit tidier and a lot more enticing to get out and start working.

I’ll be uploading some photos taken over the past few weeks – some of the feathered friends visiting the garden and more of the seeds which have already begun sprouting – the excitement!

Feel free to leave comments – that’s all for now,


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